Boo Bag

design by : sung-un chang from usa

designer’s own words:
Boo bag is a reusable grocery bag design made of highly sustainable bamboo fabric. Unique qualities that set boo bag apart from any other grocery bags in the market are its consideration of user scenario. Up until now reusable grocery bags had not provided users any elegant means to keep them in a tidy manner while they are not in use. Boo bag makes use of small piece of bamboo tree as a container to store its fabric body. This bamboo tree casing adds elegant mobility and definite presence to empty reusable bag, encouraging people to bring it with them all the time. The bamboo casing works as a fashion item expressing user’s eco friendly life style. When grocery shopping, the bamboo casing works as a handle and provides comfortable grip for user’s hand.


Gorgeous or Tacky ?

Luxury Lagerfeld’s filled up with real furs and leather tech Helmets and chanel lightbulb-cocktail shoes’re inspire me. That was most wanted of this year.

chanel-pre-2008 collection


On 2009,Garethpugh’s runway shows Hot as well.

Eco-trans Pop Chair

This made by Pet stainless steel-Pet bottles

These Artwork is created by Eco trans pop, Pawel Grunert. He has a touch of genius in him !
Born in 1965 in Warsaw, Poland. Studied at the Faculty of Interior Architecture in Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. In 1990 has made a diploma with distinction (work: MY PRIVATE CHAIRS). Participated in several exhibitions in Poland and abroad (solo exhibitions: HOME/1993, OBJECTS/1995, SHOWING IN A FACTORY/1997, MEBLARIUM 1/2002, OPERA GALLERY/2003). Created a lot of furniture-objects, sculptures, internal arrangements.

LED Galaxy Dress by CuteCircuit is World’s Largest Wearable Display

It seems like everyone has a cause to tout these days, from health care reform to gay marriage to…ahem…making fashion more sustainable. Instead of feverishly emailing your friends, tweeting, and updating the “Causes” tab on your Facebook profile, why not get your clothing to do the talking for you? CuteCircuit’s mesmerizing Galaxy Dress lets you advertise your message all over your body with the help of 24,000 full-color LEDs, making it pretty difficult to ignore what you have to say! Click below the fold for a haunting video demonstration.

Each of the flat, extra-thin LEDs that illuminate the dress measures a mere 2×2 millimeters, but they work together to create a dazzling light show of hundreds of colors that pulse across the flowing skirt. And we’ve come a long way from those lame, scrolling LED belt buckles—the intricate circuitry that underlies this futuristic frock was painstakingly hand-embroidered on a layer of silk, imbuing it with the fluidity of fabric.
24,000 LEDs work together to create a dazzling light show of hundreds of cascading colors.
To diffuse the light and create an even more ethereal effect, the designers added four layers of silk chiffon, along with 4,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals that extend the gown’s glittery sheen even after the LED bulbs go dim. And although the Galaxy Dress is lightweight, the heaviest part isn’t the technology but rather the 40-layer pleated silk organza crinoline that gives the skirt its flounce.

Is this a Beautiful or Creepy ?

For Australian silversmith Polly van der Glas, diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend; she prefers to raid the Tooth Fairy’s war chest for dendrites in the rough, which she sterilizes and then hand-sets in sterling silver. From solid canine-encrusted signet rings to delicate molar-embellished earrings, these toothy trinkets are a quirky take on recycled jewelry—and our idea of luxury gems. So what do you think? Champing at the bit for your own fanged finery or avoiding like the plaque…um…plague?

Human Teeth as Adornment: Haute or Not?

OMG….IM HATE ‘EM! , Are those fillings ??

Bless the gays u-lala u-lala

Hiya! I just gonna get my 3rd blogs. its little crazy, right ? .. I got accustomed to the work in less than 10 minutes ! make it easier than Japan Fc2. WP have Light-weight plugins and perfectly open source web platform. love it.